Climate, Time, Contaminants

April 12-15, 2015 | Vancouver, Canada

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The greatest challenges in managing mine waters arise at mines in extreme environments. Mines in extremely arid environments may require expensive systems to desalinate sea water and transport the water great distances to the mine. Mines in extremely wet settings may need expensive systems to treat excess process and contact water before discharging to sensitive receivers. Mines in extremely cold climates may face frozen conditions and the challenge of operating facilities where most of the water is ice for a good part of the year. Complex hydrogeological and geochemical issues are also common to the extremely wet, dry and cold climate settings.


Mine Water Solutions in Extreme Environments 2015 is the second conference in the series focusing on EXTREMES. This innovative conference is focused on solutions to mine water issues in very challenging environments.

The thematic areas for 2015 include:

  • Water Management in Extremely Wet Areas
  • Water Management in Extremely Dry Areas
  • Water Management in Extremely Cold Areas (Glacial, Periglacial and Permafrost)
  • Water Management and Climate Change
  • Challenging Geochemical Conditions Over Time
  • Surface Water Over Time
  • Groundwater Over Time
  • Regulatory and Social Challenges
  • Hydrogeology in Deep Mining Environments
  • Physical Control of Contaminants
  • Water Treatment

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The conference provides a forum for presentation and discussion about issues, challenges, and successful solutions that enable responsible mining while minimizing the use of, and preserving water resources in challenging environments. All aspects of mine water issues including water management, hydrology, hydrogeology, geochemistry, containment, water quality impacts, seepage interception, and treatment will be addressed. Water management issues associated with the extremes of climate change are of particular interest.